It's Too Dark Puffling front cover

It's Too Dark, Puffling

A kind little puffling lives on Skellig Michael.

She loves her cosy underground bed.

But her smaller puffling friend is afraid.

‘I don’t like the dark. It’s too dark in the dark.’

Can the animals of Skellig help to show him the wonder of night-time?

A brand new adventure for the little puffling from the best-selling Where Are You, Puffling?

Published by O'Brien Press.

Available wherever books are sold.

It's Too Dark, Puffling scene where the two pufflings walk in silence up the steps
It's Too Dark, Puffling - scene where the pufflings meet a sleepy fulmar on the cliff edge


The Irish Times

“An enchanting and reassuring picture book that can help calm young ones before bedtime.”

The Sunday Times

“Both pufflings are immensely appealing characters and the very young will love the thrill of their moonlit wander across the island, and the reassuring ending. The text is perfect to read aloud, full of repetition, and great for joining in, while the illustrations convey so much information about life on Skellig Michael, from the puffins arriving with fish in their beaks to the fulmars and guillemots on their cliff edge nests.”

5 stars - Book of the week

Books For Keeps

This simple, charming story is brought to glowing night-time life by Daly's magical illustrations.”

Irish Independent

“Beautifully illustrated”

RTE Guide

“If you and your little ones have yet to read the Puffling series, you've got a treat in store. This book is ideal for children who need to be reassured about being left alone in the dark.”

Irish Examiner
It's Too Dark, Puffling - scene where the pufflings meet rabbits playing hide and seek
It's Too Dark, Puffling - scene where the two pufflings meet a blue shark in the sea

“Each of the animals depicted by Daly has a personality and vividness to them, and the light from the moon and stars seems to shine from the page. This is a gorgeous book that you’ll want to linger over.”

Childrens Books Ireland

“A snuggle in a book.”

South East Radio

“the night sky watercolours are simply breathtaking.”

Books Ireland

“The Puffling books keep getting better and better! ... The illustrations are beyond gorgeous! As evening comes and the night approaches, page by page the palette changes, becomes more quiet, more restful, but never fails to display the beauty and wonder of the dimming of the day with its’ richness and careful attention to detail ... Honestly, the whole book is glorious and flawless! Comforting, soothing, empathetic, full of friendship and kindness; just perfect!”

Fallen Star Stories

“With its endearing narrative and vibrant illustrations, “It’s Too Dark, Puffling” is a brilliant tale that illuminates the beauty and enchantment of the nighttime world while providing a model of friendship and courage.”

The Museum of Childood Ireland

brings our favourite Puffling back for another adventurous and adorable story. I truly am in love with this ball of fluff!”

Armadillo Magazine
It's Too Dark, Puffling - scene where the two pufflings meet a crab who loves the stars
It's Too Dark, Puffling scene where the little puffling is in his snuggly burrow with his parents

“A cuddly hug of a bedtime story with which to curl up on a wild winter’s night.”

The Echo

“This gorgeous book is such a sweet and reassuring bedtime story. It’s also a celebration of Irish wildlife and a wonderful nature book too”

Milo & Gigi’s Bookshelf

It is a beautiful book, perfect for stories before bed”

Tertulia Bookshop in the Mayo News

“gorgeous new picture book”

Connacht Telegraph

“Another triumph”

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It's Too Dark Puffling back cover

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