Where Are You Puffling board book front cover

Where Are You, Puffling? board book

A curious little puffling lives on Skellig Michael.

But her puffin parents can't find her in their burrow.

Where could she be?

A board book edition of 'Where Are You, Puffling?'

Published by O'Brien Press.

Available wherever books are sold.

Where Are You Puffling? board book Puffling pops out of her burrow
Where Are You Puffling? board book the puffins ask a rabbit

“This charming, colourfully illustrated tale of Ireland's favourite little puffling is now available in board book format, perfect for the youngest of readers.”

Irish Independent

“Just when you thought this cuddly little Puffling couldn't get any cuter, along comes a tiny board book format. Perfect for little hands to hold and practically indestructible, this makes an ideal gift for a baby or toddler ... I can't imagine anyone not falling in love with Puffling! ”

Picture Book Snob

“absolutely sweet ... in a really good board book edition, could be read to a little one at bedtime.”

Sarah Webb on Newstalk's Pat Kenny Show
Where Are You Puffling? board book kittiwakes, dolphins, seals
Where Are You Puffling? board book puffling returns home on the backs of whales
Where Are You Puffling board book back cover

“Still contains all the adventure, excitement and expressive illustrations of the original. Puffling herself is a great character; fun-loving, kind and curious about the world around her. It’s the perfect introduction to Irish island wildlife for babies.”

Fallen Star Stories

“The puffling books are some of the sweetest books of recent years ... Now toddlers can join in with this sturdy board book edition. ”

Read and Reviewed

“This board book version is colourful, engaging and ideal for toddlers. The quality of the board is very durable and Gerry Daly’s illustrations will really capture a toddler’s attention ... The board book version is great to give to our youngest to handle when we are reading the original with her older brother. Before getting this book, she was constantly trying to turn the pages mid-sentence! The size of the book is easy for her to grasp, and she enjoy trying to spot puffling on her own book. ”

Seomra Ranga

“The story of the little puffling who gets lost on Skellig Michael is adapted and shortened for younger readers, but the charm of the original is retained, as the puffin parents scour the island in search of their offspring.”

The Echo
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