Finn's First Song front cover

Finn's First Song

Squeeeak ... Thwop ... Thwop ... Dwoooooerrrp!

Dad sings his magical whale songs to Mum and baby Finn,
far, far away across the huge ocean.

When Finn gets lost, can the other sea creatures help him
to send a message of his own?

This is the first book that I have written and also illustrated.

Published by O'Brien Press.

Finn's First Song, Finn and Mum are at the start of their journey and hearing Dad's whale song
Finn's First Song, Finn and Mum are sleeping under the moon and stars
Finn's First Song, Finn and Mum try to swim away from noisy ships
Finn's First Song, Finn tries to have colour like the squids and lights like the crystal jellyfish
Finn's First Song, Finn sings his whale song as long and as loud as he can
Finn's First Song, back endpaper. Some Humpback whale facts.
Finn's First Song back cover

Colouring in PDFs are available to download here.

You can draw along with step by step drawing videos here.

I read some of 'Finn's First Song' and give a peek behind the scenes of the book here.

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“The rich, bright colours offer an enchanting view of the ocean that is animated, but has an amazing attention to detail. The entire cast of charming characters are imaginative, heart-warming and completely engaging, making this lovely new animal adventure book a real winner. Perfect for home or classroom. Read it! Share it! It’s just wonderful! ”

Fallen Star Stories

“A gorgeous new picture book adventure with charming underwater scenes and beautiful characters”

Primary Times

“The story tells you about different types of fish and what makes each one different ... I really liked all of the different pictures through the book. I give this book 10 out 10 and my little sister Kate really liked it too. She’s 5 years old”

Grace (10) Seomra Ranga

“Finn summons all his power to let out a sound sequence rarely if ever seen in print. "Thwop! Thwop! whoop, whoop, whoop, Dwooooooerp!" goes his first whale song - and if that doesn't inspire some expressive sound effects from the adults reading this book aloud to children, then nothing ever will.”

The Echo